Did OPI said Hello Kitty collection??

OPI just announced its latest (and possibly cutest) collection: Hello Kitty by OPI. The collection includes 12 limited-edition nail polish colors, ranging from bright and glittery pinks, pops of yellow, bold blues, and shimmering whites—which come in lacquer and gel. We love how universal this collection is, not only because so many people all over the world love Hello Kitty, but also because of the broad age-range of Hello Kitty fans. The colorful collection represents friendship and fun—which is totally relatable, and pretty much the notion behind most of our girl’s night in manicures, anyway. And we’ve got a fun one for you to try this weekend, created by Sanrio’s official nail artist, Masako Kojima:  
What you’ll need (from left):

Spoken From the Heart, Let’s Be Friends!, Never Have Too Mani Friends, My Twin Mimmy, any base coat, white nail polish, topcoat, and a thin nail art brush.

The How-To:

Apply a base coat. Let dry.

Polish two coats of white nail polish on the ring finger.

Polish two coats of Spoken from the Heart on the pinky and middle fingers.

Polish two coats of Let’s Be Friends! on the thumb.

On the ring finger, paint the nose (a horizontal dot) and two eyes (vertical dots) using Never Have Too Mani Friends! and a thin nail art brush.

Paint a dot of My Twin Mimmy on the nose.

Using Never Have Too Mani Friends! paint 3 whiskers on each side of the face. Paint these from the cuticle line inward.

Using Let’s Be Friends! paint a large circle in the upper right side of the nail.

Paint the two sides of the bow, making the left side of the bow larger than the right.

Outline the bow using Never Have Too Mani Friends! and a thin nail art brush.

On the index finger, paint 3 more bows.

Make the bows run into each other for an overlapped look, but be sure to leave some negative space, too.

Finish with topcoat