Pop pop corn😊😊😊

Our top 3 popcorn flavour combinations are as addictive as they are easy to make. Whether you’re craving some spicy kernels or you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying, we’ve got the tried and tested version here. Try chilli and fennel, caramel and banana or sea salt and dark chocolate to perk up your popcorn for movie night!

Dark chocolate, oilve oil & sea salt popcornPop your kernels in olive oil. Melt dark chocolate, then stir in some olive oil to taste. Drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn and sprinkle with flaky sea salt.

Curried popcorn

Start the popcorn off in oil and butter. While the popcorn is warm, mix in curry powder to taste and season with salt.

Fennel seed & chilli popcorn

Use chilli oil to pop your kernels. While it is warm, stir in fennel seeds to taste and season with salt. If you like a spicy kick, sprinkly over a few extra chilli flakes.

 chips, then stir through the popcorn with some dulce de leche.


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