How to Make Friends Easily if You’re a Teen

How to Make Friends Easily if You're a Teen

Relax. It’s all about confidence – if you are nervous or try too hard to look cool you’ll just act weird, so you won’t make many friends. You will stand out as overdoing something.

Make the first move. Don’t be shy, it won’t help you in anything. Look around for someone that seems interesting, then relax and go up to talk to them. Say hello, give them your name if they don’t know your name already, ask how they are and just meet them. If you know a bit about them, for example, the person likes crafts, you can talk about that. A good subject to talk about to anyone is music, because almost everybody likes music, you can ask someone what kind of music they like and start a cool conversation with them and even find things in common.

Be nice. How do you expect them to like you if you are not nice? Put a calm smile on your face and find out what you and the person you are trying to befriend have in common. You’ll be able to be more comfortable if you find out that other person has things in common with you.

Be a good listener. Give attention to what they say, look straight in their eyes and show you’re paying attention. Nod, agree, show you find that is interesting.

Be yourself. I know you’ve heard it a lot of times, but no one really likes a poseur – people would like the real you better for your virtues, not a fake person no one really knows.

Develop friendships. You may talk to someone now but soon they’ll forget you if you stop. You better take a time to say hi to them everyday and ask how are they doing.

Include those friends in your social life. Invite your new friends to go out together with you, go to mall or hang out at a cool place. You guys must have fun together, so you can introduce your new friends to old friends and build your social circle from there, with people that accept each other.


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